How to Hide Navigation Bar On Any Android Device

Hello friends again we come with new trick for you today i guide on how to hide navigation bar on any android device . Today mostly phone come with android operating system which is having a lot of customization ,and we can hide and also add anythings .We have seen most of the smartphone companies are adopting on-screen navigation bar to save the extra piece of hardware .Also know Top 3 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android 2017.So friends if you don`t want use that on-screen navigation bar for your smartphone , than it hide your navigation bar .Today we are going guide you the way also you can “hide navigation bar on your android smartphone”.



There are a lots of user they want to utilize the full screen size of phone, and user can do so much easy by hiding the navigation bar from their device with the help of adding one single line of the code, some Smartphone as like OnePlus has the awesome features that is allows the user to use the hardware keys and also the navigation bar by only adding one line in the build .Prop system files. So guys the question is arise what is  build.Prop?


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What is Build.prop ?

In the Android Os has the system file. There are files which are very important it`s location in the “/system” directory of your phone.


Friends if you have any language then you can type this code to customize your phone and add or remove any feature for your device if you want,but if you do anything wrong in your device,then your phone will dead.

Friends if you want to hide navigation bar on your device,then you need a rooted android phone, and this information help you to the changes in the system files.


Stuff on How to Hide Navigation Bar On Any Android Device

Build prop play a significant role in hiding and adding any feature on your device.If you follow this guide,then we will suggest you to download third party apps to do this change in your system files and friends if you do anything wrong then your device will dead,and no one needs it.

If you wants to hide navigation bar on your android device,then you need a rooted android phone,and this will help you to do the changes in the system files

How to Hide Navigation Bar On Any Android Device

Requirements for you

  • Root your Android Device.
  • Builds Prop Editor: Play Store
  • Simple Pie: Play Store

So you are going to hide the navigation bar of your device,then you will recommend you to download the simple pie application which is the best app for soft keys.If you won`t install it then you will end up bricking your android device.

Follow the Steps

  • First we open the build prop editor on your phone.
  • Now,in the Top-Right corner in phone,you will see a”Pencil“icon. Click on the edit button and then scroll down. Make sure that you not delete anything.


  • Then you, Scroll all the way down and add the below line.

qemu.hw.mainkeys = 1

  • Make sure that you don`t do changes in any other files.


  • Then click on the Floppy button and save the file on your android phone.
  • Now,click on “Save & Exit” button.


  • You will be asked to “Grant” the root permission for the app.
  • That`s complete it! Reboot your phone,and you will see the navigation bar is hidden from your device.


Final Word

In this Article We Share How to hide navigation bar in your device . I think this is the Best way to hide navigation bar . Also know Best Phone To Buy One Plus 5 I Reviews hope you like and enjoy this tricks.

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